Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui -Rémi Gaillard

(That means "It's by doing whatever that you become whoever".) So what do we know about France? Well we know that very pretty girls come from there. I feel like they're more or less responsible for Nutella and that shit is tasty. Also have you ever had Orangina? Its soda with mother fucking orange pulp in it. Its quite dank. One other thing that comes from Franchland is motherfucking Rémi Gaillard, the baddest dude to ever smoke cigarettes and wear berets (arguably the gayest hat ever created) and baguettes and shit.

I first heard about this Eiffel Tower looking motherfucker a few years ago when he did this. This baguette drove around Paris (are there any other cities in France? Probably not.) with a radical gas powered gokart doing Mariokart style shenanagins. I'm very proud of him. An awful lot of his schtick seems to be fucking with and then running from the cops. SO cash.

Apparently the Mariokart thing isn't the only thing he's done though, he managed to fake his way onto the field during a WORLD CUP championship and pass himself off as a member of the team and shake the french President's hand, go swimming in aquariums at the french version of Sea World (Le Sea World I think it's called) and so many other shenanigans. Great troll or Greatest troll? Special thanks to Chris Allison for sending this one in.


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