Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drinking Game: Beauty & The Beast (Disney Animated)

Difficulty: 3 of 5 Beer Steins
This is one of Taylor and my favorite disney animooteds ever. So naturally to celebrate its release (as in from captivity not unveiling) from the clutches of that dastardly mouse's vault, what better way to celebrate than use celebrate three times in a sentence and MAKE A DRINKING GAME! Ever since this movie came out, I have screamed "Where have you taken us Phillipe?" when lost. Nobody seems to get that, so I guess thats a bad story. On a serious note, this is a breathtaking blu ray transfer and its almost so pretty it hurts.

Step 1: Get a hold of Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast" featuring some fine bestiality action and the greastest song of any disney movie ever.

STEP 2: ???

Drink when the following are said/heard*:
A musical number starts
Drink after every verse in "Gaston"
Every time creepy asylum man chuckles nefariously

Drink when the following are seen:
Lumier disobeys the rules
Phillipe Looks Displeased
Something is destroyed (sound as well)
Gaston strikes Lafou

Finish your beer:
Beast eats porridge
Gaston plans a marriage
A gargoyle loses its head

*NOTE: Song lyrics count as well.

Final Thoughts:
Sean:NOOOooooooo... OOOoooooone....... FIGHTS like Sean, no one bites like Sean, in a drinking match nobody DRINKS LIKE SEAN! I guess I like the original better.
A moderate level drinking game, a great movie. Achievement unlocked: 2 Disney drinking games. Taylor: If you don't know the words to every song in this movie: a) you're clearly a Nazi, and b)this drinking game will not help at all. Grant: If everything that is alive in the movie used to be a servant or something at the castle... Who were all those fucking forks from the "Be Our Guest" musical number and what kind of sins did they commit to be condemned to a hell of being a fork for 20 years..


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  1. I just happened to be looking for a BatB drinking game, and I stumbled across this. My roommate and I want you to know that this is the funniest thing ever. Especially the part about the forks.