Thursday, November 18, 2010

Legit Interview: The Dude from

HotDamnTV recently sat down with acclaimed horrible logo creator known only as Horrible Logos Dude. After paying him handsomely to make us a really bad logo (and not paying someone like our pal Chris Allison) we were able to ask some very important questions, and since there is nothing more classy and Pulitzer-worthy than a straight Q & A style interview (fuck you Ben Fong Torres and the horse you rode in on) that is what we are presenting to you, oh constant and loyal reader (awesome run on sentence). This dude was so classy he even formatted the questions I sent him and probably corrected some of my spelling errors.

HotDamnTV: How did you first come up with the idea to draw horrible logos for beer money?

HorriblLogosDude: I started with me getting pissed off about all of the cheap logo sites popping up everywhere offering crap logos for a super low price. It shows that a lot of people don't really care about the final product; it's more about getting a good deal. Well I'll give you the best deal on the internet and it's guaranteed to suck.

Followup Question: What sort of credentials (apart from 65 pages of
awesomely bad logos) would you display to a non believer, unsure about
whether or not he's actually going to get a horrible logo?

My horrible work speaks for itself. It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in and how rushed I am as to how much your logo will suck, but it will definitely be a shitshow.

We noticed that you were on Thrill List, has that affected your

It hasn't affected my drinking at all. I can drink and do logos at the same time no problem. I did get a boost in sales when I was on thrillist though.

Followup Question:What was the process like for getting invited to be
on Thrill List?

They contacted me and said they like what I'm doing and wanted to do a feature on the site.

What is your favorite bad logo you've created to date?

man, that's tough they all suck equally.

Followup Question: How about the worst?

They are all the worst.

Have you been approached by anyone more famous than us to create logos?

Let's see.....I did a logo for Maggie the Movie Star Dog. Look it up, she's hot shit. I think she was a guest star on Top Chef.

What do you think of our stupid website and videos? We rip on Ben
Savage on the regular and have asked Megan Fox to make a sex tape with

It's awesome. I love it. I love Megan Fox too.

How bad of a logo would we get if we paid you 34 cents and 1 box of
Franzia Sangria and 1/2 a bottle of Popov Vodka?

Ha Haa. I don't know. Let's give it a go.

If it wouldn't be terribly gauche, would you mind telling us just how
much you've been able to drink with the help of kind souls across the

My beer stash is rapidly growing...and hopefully I can continue to make shit logos to keep it healthy.

We're so proud of this fella, and he's from Orange County so naturally we respect the shit outta him (Dan TK and almost me being alumni from CSUF). So if you guys want a crappy logo drawn by a pretty fresh guy try to stumble into his website.


BONUS: I was testing out my brand new underwater camera last night, observe the results in stunning FULL RES! (Shoots in 720penis)

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