Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twofer Tue..Wednesday Technically

So what have you done with your life buddy? Have you saved any puppies from drowning? Have you cured any of the cancer? We live on an amazing planet full of people doing incredible things, like not having sex with human females (or dudes, I guess whatever you're into).

The kid on the right has gotten 100% on an insane version of a Dance Dance Revolution In The Groove 2 song that should only be possible by a billy goat on crack. I have never had any luck with rhythm games as serious as DDR, I'm more of a have a few beers and play Rock Band kinda guy. I have also had sex with 5 women.

Enough talking shit about nerds though, let's explore one of the coolest stories I know (apart from The Tale of Ben Savage). We've known a fella named Tyler for quite a while. He is an integral part of the crew of villains HotDamnTV associates themselves with in Orange County/Riverside. Many a party has been thrown at his house or with him present. (Ask me about the time he and I decided to strike a bargain to trade a unicycle for a handle of vodka, shit was SO CASH. Yes, I was the one who ended up with the unicycle.). Tyler plays a lot of DDR, and through a series of interesting circumstances (read: I can't remember the details) he landed himself a role as DDR Consultant for Jim Carrey's run away hit "Yes Man".
In some of these shots the foots you see blazing across the robot input device are actually Tyler's. So make sure to throw that back in your parents faces when they say you're wasting your time playing vidya games. Don't just dream it, BE IT!


Also don't forget to watch the new hotness: HotDamnTV's legit grownup interview with smoking hot porn star Madelyn Marie! Also if you know how to use twitter (I don't) you can check out her tweets. She sure does have nice tweets.

Edit: I don't know as much about vidya games as James. Thanks bud.

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