Friday, November 19, 2010

Drinking Game: Robin Hood (Disney Animated)

In an insane bid to make a drinking game for every movie related to the heroic albeit vile personage known as Robin Hood, who was actually Robert The Hooded, a rapist, known for his unusually large and foxlike foreskin and his cruelty towards 10 year old girls of all ethnicities in jolly old medieval England, we bring to you an animooted classic from the early middle years of Disney (vault?). Also this movie somehow spawned an entire sexual fetish. This game is rated NIGHTMARE MODE!

STEP 1: Get a hold of Disneys animated "Robin Hood" starring lots of furrys.

STEP 2: ???

RULES:Drink when the following are said/heard:
Robin Hood (twice)
Aheeh! Mommy or Momma (said by Prince John)
Whistling (by narrator or other characters)

Drink when the following are seen:
Robin Hood's terrible disguise fools someone
Hiss HYPNOTIZES a motha-fucka
An Arrow is fired
Sir Hiss appears (he a sly pimp)
Little John seems remarkably fat
Security is strangely lax (ie the Arrow-shooting contest, the jail, and the castle)
Hiss's tongue goes in someone's ear
A thumb is sucked (Prince John--obvi)

Finish your beer:
PJ Says "Forgive me a Cruel Chuckle"
PJ says "PJ! I Like that! Do you know I do? Hiss--put it on my luggage!"
Little John says "What a beautiful brawl!"
PJ Says "I've got a dirty thumb"
King Richard says "You'll have an outlaw for an in-law"

Final Thoughts:
Sean:I blacked out. I believe this one is a roaring success. Mostly because of the arrows rule. We should probably stipulate the Conan precedent that you should use your discretion to make the arrows manageable, perhaps opt to drink WHILE arrows are being fired. I definitely drank for Each arrow. A true film classic and a true drinking game classic.
Taylor: You know I think the arrow thing is dumb and for new fags only. Its too much. Maybe you should drink every 5 arrows or so or when they hit a target.

For our comrades in mother Russia.


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