Friday, November 12, 2010

Drinking Game: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I was supposed to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World (aka SPVTW, which is what the kids call it) in theatres with Grant and TK, but due to circumstances beyond my control (the Jews) did not. We at hotdamntv got an advanced screening that mysteriously had a bunch of Thai writing and an odd watermark at the top, because we are legit media critics! Scott Pilgrim promises to be a rockem sockem noholds barred edge of yourseat feel good thrill ride and I heard there were tits, so here we go!

Step 1: Obtain a copy of the Blu Ray of Scott Pilgrim vs The World starring Michael Sarah as the awkward teenaged fella that gets the girl.

Step 2: ????


Drink when the following are said/heard:

A video game sound effect
Scott (1 drink)
Scott Pilgrim (2 drinks)
Fake High School Girlfriend
WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB!(take a smaller sip if this is not said with enthusiasm)

Drink when the following are seen:
A popup text box
Waterfall your drink as soon as the opening credits get old
Every time Ramona's hair color changes
Scott Pilgrim is nervous/awkward about his hair
A cup is crushed
Doods sleep together(additional +1 drink for every dood)
A bus ride
A Splitscreen
Coin explosions

Finish your beer:
Scott tells the Pacman Story
Scott gets a life
An evil ex shows up
Scott has a dream involving a cactus
"Not really a big deal" is said

Final Thoughts:
Davs:(Left after the first few minutes)
Davs: ..."You should drink every time she changes her hair!"
Sean: "Who the hell are you talking about? The loli?"
Davs: "NO. No. You'll see."
Sean: "I feel like this drinking game is the best movie I've ever seen."
Davs: "K me and wifey gotta go, let me know what you think of the pirated advanced release copy!"
Sean: "K."
Sean: I am sex bob-omb! BLARRRGHHHHHH! I loved this flick, I feel like the difficulty level of this game is probably 90003/infinity power level. Best played with many people to be sure you don't miss any drink opportunities, but even with a few omissions you still get the idea. The drunk. I was tempted to say drink for every coin you see, but people keep saying my Robin Hood arrow rule was a little hardcore...Thanks kids and remember to have safe sex! Wear a bullet proof vest, you never know when there's a sniper about!



  1. fuck yall we just did this game and it suck major ass

  2. We just did your mom. It was mmmmkay.