Monday, November 8, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

It is truly a tragedy the way budget cuts are affecting our public school systems. Musical education is given the axe to free up more funds to pay for stupid shit like new books, computers, and new helmets for the football team (real men play rugby). I blame Barbara Boxer, I blame Joe Biden, I blame Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) the 86 year old senator from New Jersey! What are kids crave is music! Here is a bit of musical education for that ass.

This first gem comes from the darkest heart of Korea where children are taught to perform maximum APM on Starcraft at a PC Bang at a very early age. The other thing they are taught is how to have the voice of an honest to goodness angel. A Siren, plying at your heart strings like it was a lute made out of solid pewter with a few minor imperfections and rust spots. My favorite part about this video is that the top result for "Korean Boy Touch My Body" (I'm so glad that is going to appear in my recent search list) is some dickshit from America (username: mornder) that has gotten almost 6 million views. He stole it from some other dipshit who has gotten 1.5 million views (username: kenyfany) but at least this guy linked back to the original kid's channel and hasn't covered it in a bunch of racist subtitles. When you finally get to the kid's actual channel (username: rlaehddnjs) he's got like 170,000 views. Sad face. 'Fugee face. But fuck that kid since he disabled embedding on his vidyas. Korea hujub doggy face.

This sounds like its probably Korean. I use the phrase "certain things" an awful lot. When I'm making up new song lyrics on the spot its definitely my go-to guy. Upon further research I've found out that this guy is Saint Lucian, meaning he comes from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. So picture the arc of islands that starts with Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (not after I got done with them) and then curves gently down to Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia is right in the middle of that stuff. Thanks for reading chums. Don't forget to check out our vidyas (new shit coming soon!) and subscribe to our youtubs channel.


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